At birth, a baby's brain contains
100 billion neurons

Garbh Sanskar Concept

Upon conception. 2-3 neurons form a tiny brain. The nullification starts rapidly and by the end of third month, number of neurons reaches up to 20 trillion. Under favourable circumstances, this number remains static till the end of the fifth month of pregnancy. During this period the entire network is established, thereafter excess neurons starts decaying and the baby arrives in the world with 10 trillion neuron cells.
After the birth not a single neuron is produced. therefore, we cannot enhance intelligence of any person. Brain capacity and quality depends on perception of the mother, food intake, medication, exercise, mental condition and surrounding. Children born with low intelligence are unable to attain high academic performance causing them to face hardships in life.

Our behaviour is the result of motivation generated by brain. We can classify brain functions in 4 categories-

  1. Defence:
    Its primary function is to safeguard our life, body, wealth and self-respect.
  2. Information Storage:
    Neurons enable storage of information in the brain. Accumulation of information starts in the womb itself; this information forms the basis of our personality. After birth, our 5 senses pour thousands of different information per second. The information stored in our brain helps us to take decisions.
  3. Organ Control:
    All the functions of involuntary system such as digestion are controlled by brain.
  4. Motivation:
    Every moment we get directions from the brain and we follow these directions. We get these directions based on the information available in our brain storage. To generate good motivation, it is essential that our brain should fill with good information.


How to listen Garbh Sanskar Audio Set

Garbh Sanskar currently available in 3 languages – Marathi, Hindi and English.
It includes 4 audio tracks – Part 1 is the introduction and Part 2-4 is the Garbh Samwad. Part 1 is the detailed introduction of Garbh Sanskar and its importance. How to listen this audio is also explained in the part 1. 

Example: If you purchase Garbh Sanskar in 3rd month of pregnancy, you have 6 months in hand. The formula is Garbh Samwad 3 Parts / Remaining Months of Pregnancy = Time for each part. Therefore, in this example, you must listen to each part for 2 months.

Note: Do not listen or mix-up the parts together – it should be done serially one by one.

Lastly, it is extremely important that you do not indulge in any work or activities when you listen to the Garbh Sanskar tracks – just close your eyes, concentrate and receive the message 100%.

All the best for your wonderful journey!